Question 70: An angle is more than 45°. Can you say that the chopping blade is making a linear pair of angles with the board? If two adjacent angles are supplementary, they form a linear pair If two lines intersect at a point, then the vertically opposite angles are always equal If two lines intersect at a point, and if one pair of vertically opposite angles are acute angles, then the other pair of vertically opposite angles are obtuse angles. No, because they wouldn't add up to 180 degrees. Two angles that sum to a straight angle (1 / 2 turn, 180°, or π radians) are called supplementary angles. Give reason in support of your answer . …, A boat covers a distance of 6 kilometers in an hour. ∴ ∠ABD +∠DBC =180o. The key realization is that when two angles form a linear pair, they form a straight line, which has a measure of #180^@#. 10. 5 Question 8: An angle is greater than 45 0. If two angles are linear, then by definition, they are two angles placed next to one another, that form a straight line. 4. Question 8. (ii) No, because sum of two obtuse angles is more than 180 0. Give some examples of line segments and rays from your daily life and discuss them with your friends. Pair 2: ∠ 5 = 40° and ∠ 6 = 70° On adding ∠ 5 and ∠ 6; we get: ∠ 5 + ∠ 6 = 40° + 70° = 110° It can be noticed that sum of measures of angles in all the pairs is less than 180° and to form a linear pair sum of measures of two angles must be equal to 180° Hence, we can say that two acute angles cannot form a linear pair. Linear Pair Of Angles. let's consider two acute angles, 60° & 80°. This means we can set up the following equation: #color(blue)(3x+5)+color(purple)(x+15)=180# This equation is saying that the sum of the two measures of the angles (blue and purple expressions) add up to #180# degrees. Find the three angle measures if: m

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